Tuesday, February 11, 2014


 How Tues-day is the series I wish I had when I was starting out as an artist. It's where I disclose information about how I do things as a creative. Tutorials, information, tips and tricks, as well as my personal experiences, advice and go-to tools. You can expect an insider's look in to the life of a creative, and gain some valuable insight at the same time.


In the spirit of how-tuesday, I want to start off with something simple, but something so absolutely critical to my daily life that I can't really function without it. Sarah from yes and yes recently made a post where she revealed her 'Every Damn Day' list. A list of relatively simple tasks that she insisted on doing every day.

While I've never actually condensed my tasks in to a list - I realized I've been keeping one as well. These are the things that, if I find I don't manage to get them done in a day, I feel crappy. These are the little things - habits, rituals, duties, that I have set for myself as the bare-minimum of work I should achieve in a day.

And to be honest, I'm kind of impressed. There's a nice range of work and play (and let's be honest here, these things don't happen every day. But the more productive and honest with myself I become, the more they do happen on a daily basis, and the better and more fulfilled I feel because of it!).

I think everyone should make an 'every damn day' list. Especially if you're just starting out on your journey - whatever it may be, but it's just as crucial for those of us a few steps furthur down! Think about things that you would want to do and live every day.

To be quite honest, the single most important item on that list is my cup of tea. Yep. Out of all those things, a single cup of tea is probably the most critical moment of my day.

Why? Because it's what sets the tone for my entire day. When I have my cup of tea, I breathe, I relax, and I set intentions. It also seems to be where most of my ideas come from. It's the littlest things, really, that make this work.

Why not make your own 'Every Damn Day' list? What's on yours? Please, share in the comments - I'd love to see what other people's lists look like!

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