Friday, February 14, 2014


From me to you: Romantic Ants for your Valentine's Day!

Well hello again, friends! I've got some great links for you this week. Enjoy!

I was going to link to just one of this woman's hilariously-real illustrations, but instead I'll just give you them all at once! 

Remember how we all thought women were too busy making babies and embroidering to be important in history? This article is here to kick you in the ass. 

Who likes lists? Who likes ladies? Who likes lists of lists? I've got you covered:  here's a ranked list of Wikipedia's lists of ladies. Yeah. Just click it.

Ready for spirng yet? This woman's diary from the 1800s proves that you don't need to live a thrilling life to be extraordinary.

Need more witty Shakespere jokes in your life? Dirtbag Hamlet is here to rescue you! Let me warn you - he's a charmer. 

I'm not in to Valentine's day hate, but I'm all for movies with your girls. I fully support this instead of Valentine's day (or with it), for anyone.

I think we all need this article on how to use google more efficiently. What have I been googling my whole life?!

A really great set of images showing (once again) that humans are not the one-size-fits all mould society would have us believe.

Everyone stop and read this article on creativity and fear. Now, go make some art.

This gifset is important. Watch it instead of the Olympics.

And, speaking of the Olympics - have you seen this hilarious ad that Canada made surrounding the issues with Sochi? Humour - getting the message across better than anyone else.

And finally - some links that every creative and blogger should read. They're great, and they're free! Go and get your read on!

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