Friday, February 21, 2014


This video spurred me to being work on another article about it. Stay tuned for it!

Oh look! It's you all again! Happy Friday everyone - how has your week been? Mine's been pretty low-key. I think we're finally breaking out of the deep-freeze. I ate some delicious Indian food. And it snowed. Again. (Fun weather fact: where I live, it's been too cold for it to even snow. So despite the fact that I'm sick of the snow, it's a sign of hope.) Then again, I'm this close to turning in to this guy.

Anyway, links! Here you go:

Have you guys tuned in to Twitch Plays Pokemon yet? If not - join the madness. It's hilarious. 

So despite Tamora Pierce being my favourite author - I haven't read her Alanna series yet. This article spurred me to get the eBooks and start reading and - it's love.

In other news - this woman's struggle to reuse her cake mould made me laugh until I cried.

These 'story archetects' pitch a really interesting concept. A concept that I'm considering adding to my 'things to work toward' board. What do you think?

Do all our characters really need to be likeable? I'm not sure where I stand on this, but this article really got me thinking.

Drawing idea alert: Magical Girl Vikings. Yes, please - more of these this. instant. 

Apparently I'm part of the minority who considers teenage girls human beings. Can we stop hating on them? Please?

Important! 21 things to let go of today. We all need to read this!

Some serious truth being said eloquently in images.

In other news - pivitol scenes from Game of Thrones being retold as well-researched period Japanese woodcuts. Pure gold!

Want some beautiful images for your weekend? Look no furthur than the magical ghost-city of Ani.

Here's some great advice on how to write your stoies. If you have a strong character with motives from the get-go, they practically write the book themselves.

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