Wednesday, October 14, 2015


 Every month I channel my inner astrologist and write out horoscopes for every sign. They aren't traditional horoscopes, but are written with extra light and all three eyes open. I've been told they're exactly what people need to hear. ♥

Aries: Right now might not be the best time for what you think is right. Right now, right is not quite where you think it is. You may need to look - you may need to change - you may need to sit in silence and let go and pray and believe. That right might be a left, and you might find that your left hand works better than you thought it did. Right now is a time for being unconventional, for trying new things, for finding pieces that fit that you had never thought about before. Right now might not be the right you thought it was, but it’s just so in the Universe.

Taurus: You might find yourself feeling strange. Restless, uncanny. Out of place, odd. And maybe it’s a soul-searching wanderlust - the kind that picks you up off your feet and places you in the stars of self realization. Or maybe it’s just your soul’s way of shedding it’s skin - itchy and undignified, but still so necessary and beautiful in it’s own way. Either way, pick your way through the remenants of your old shell while you’re trudging through the awkward phase - lost in the stars or peeling off pieces, and treasure it. Learn from it.

Gemini: There are things you don’t quite understand. And these are the things you need to draw on right now. Now is a time for questions. Now is a time for dipping your toes, then your nose, in the mysteries of the universe. Now is a time for spine tingling, for fingers tapping, for dirty hands digging in dirty secrets. Be compelled. Be curious. Don’t be afraid. Dig fearlessly and learn as much as you can - you might not find answers, but you will find what you’re looking for - even if it’s just dirty hands (which is always what you’re after anyway)

Cancer: You will find your eyes gazing upwards more often right now. You’ll be drawn to a sunset or a shooting star or a cloud or the geese flying by. And that’s ok. Just remember to keep yourself grounded - flying is for our dreams and only in secret during the day. You are being called to higher things, higher thoughts. But you are also simply being called to look - look up, look down, look around you. The greatest of stories fall in the details around you, be it up or down. Don’t let your eyes stay in one place for long.

Leo: There is joy in action, and there is also joy in settling. An art, even. This month, notice the things people do to settle. Notice the things we create when we simply accept where we are and make what we can of it. There is no shame in it - and many great things have come of it. You must take these things as lessons in your own life, take them as comforts, as victories, as works of art. You will be surprised at what you can do when you need nothing at all.

Virgo: This is a time when you might feel out of sorts. Your nest has fallen and it’s contents lay spilled for all to see. And you might not be able to make heads or tails of it all - everything laid out like so. This is ok. You are fine even when you are open, when you are broken and torn apart and wounded. You are, like chaos, beautiful, even in the ugliest of stages. Channel the volcanoes of this world. The hurricanes and lightning storms. See their power and borrow it as your own. You will shake the very earth.

Libra: It’s time to start preparing. There are things on your mind that cannot wait any longer. There are things that have been waiting on the sidelines for this very moment, and you must be ready. These things may be crazy, or they may be simple, but they are of the utmost importance to you. They matter. And you will be right to treat them as the precious things they are, treasure them, protect them, and have them come to fruition with all your strength. You will succeed.

Scorpio: Your heart is guiding you to colder places. Never fear - this is not the world trying to freeze you to death, this is the universe showing you your inner warmth. Bottle the sunshine, bundle yourself up - or charge naked in to the cold, you will survive, whatever way you choose. Focus on the light. Focus on the sun. Keep your heat up and refuse to break a sweat. You have the power and light within you to light up any darkness and warm up any cold.

Saggitarius: There might be something in your way right now. Something strange that you can’t seem to see or get near or understand in any way that you know. But perhaps that thing is more familiar than you think it is. Perhaps you are the thing in your way, with all your beautifully strange creases and edges and shapes and colours. Perhaps you should be looking at yourself more closely - as the magical, wild work-of-art beast you are.

Capricorn: That moment when you bite in to a fruit and the juice runs down your chin and you feel wonderfully, perfectly present in the moment, treasuring that perfect piece of fruit as a single experience. Know that this month will be full of those moments - that those moments are going to be your greatest gifts and your greatest teachers this month. You will treasure sunlight. You will treasure raindrops. You will eat some of the best meals this month. You will enjoy it all.

Aquarius: Strange things seem to be shifting in your life right now. Odd things you never noticed before are appearing, and other things are disappearing. This is your life moving itself around - making room for you. There are things you might be forgetting, things you might be mourning, things you might be losing and finding. Every thing leaving is leaving for a reason. Everything coming is coming for a reason. All things have their place in your life. Be extra mindful of that this month.

Pisces: Life might seem to be going at light speed right now, but you are jogging ahead of it. You have been training for this moment for quite a long time, and you are finally capable of keeping up with it. You can pace yourself, you can take breaks - this is something you’re good at now. Take care of yourself, and treat every night as you would a runner who has just finished the race of their life. Make sure to drink lots and lots of water, and remember, always, to breathe. Keep going.

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