Sunday, November 8, 2015


Stuck with what to do creatively? I know the feeling - creative block, whether it’s writer’s block, art block, inspiration block, whatever block - I’ve been there. It sucks to have the wind blown out of you sails. 

Elizabeth Gilbert says that ideas are fleeting and have a life of their own - they spend their time searching for someone's door to knock on, waiting for someone to give them a home. Sometimes they just don't knock at the right time. 

I’ve got you covered. Here’s a list of a bunch of thoughts and ideas I’ve had that just haven't grabbed my interest at the right moment. Maybe one of them will inspire you to keep on creating. 


-Mermaid jesters
-What if Frankenstein were his own doctor
-What does the wind look like?
-Are animals real? Do they have their own society? What do they say about us when we’re not around?
-Speaking of animals, how strange are pets, right? Little creatures who just bum around and sleep with us.
-What is loyalty?
-Can you buy anything you want?
-What are the intrinsic morals in humanity? Are there any?
-Make a team of encouragers - people you admire who are doing what you want to do. Make a little circle of cheer and surround yourself with their pictures.
-Collect a bunch of quotes on writing and creativity. Write them and post them where you’ll see them.
-Try to think of nothing for five minutes. Tips: Ask yourself ‘I wonder what my next thought will be’ or focus on four squares in your mind’s eye. Eliminate them one by one until you’re focusing on nothing at all.
-Whatever you’re trying to create, take 5 minutes and create utter garbage. The most garbage-y garbage you can do.
-Do it again and again until you’ve gotten it all out of your system
-Then try creating again. It’s not that bad, eh?
-‘The best food in the world is in a little Chinese buffet two blocks from my house’
-Go outside.
-What is under the earth?
-How did flowers come to evolve?
-Were there cultures and people and empires before our own? How long does human history really stretch?
-Princess hair
-Plot structures of different media - shonens vs. American cartoons. Marvel vs. Gothic novels.
-The different qualities of light.
-Different types of horoscopes and fortune telling - from engrams to Chinese astrology
-‘Yes, but what’s that?’
-Make up your own.
-The colours we can’t see
-Clothing and the stories of different fabric
-Looking in to windows
-How many stars are we really looking at?
-What the hell is up with Antarctica?
-Wounds and the body’s healing process
-Mathematics vs. Everything else.
-Lets make guys the Mary Sues and deride them instead
-‘This was before he turned in to the moon.’
-Everybody is obsessed with the same thing

That’s all I’ve got for now. Maybe something grabbed your interest. Feel free to take, alter and create with any of these strange little ideas. They’d love a new home. And if you were inspired by any of these prompts - let me know! I’d love to see what you did with them!

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