Sunday, November 1, 2015


Hello November,

Hello foggy breath. Hello curled under warm blankets. Hello turning pages and breathing in that old-book smell. Hello to cookies and baking and soups and bread. Hello to quiet candlelight. Hello to the last days of fall, the brightest leaves. Hello to the return of stillness. Hello to silence and settling in. Hello to nesting, endless amounts of soup and video games. Hello to windy days and skies full of stars. Hello to remembering and reminiscing and never forgetting. Hello to inner peace and outer peace, stillness and charm. Hello to creating and cozying and making our own. Hello to maybe, possibly getting myself together. Hello to oranges and preparing and calm-before-the-storm. To first snows, to kindness and catching up. Hello to new habits and old habits and working hard. Hello writing, again, and writing even more. Hello to digging in to new books and drinking copious amounts of tea - probably far more than is good for me (no such thing). Hello to laughter, hello to the rollercoaster of the creative process, hello to the crazy-good feeling of creating. Hello to new habits, and to being healthier in every way. Hello to 'this-can-only-get-better' and 'this-can-only-be-good-for-me'. 

Hello November,
Let’s dance.

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