Sunday, November 15, 2015


 Every month I channel my inner astrologist and write out horoscopes for every sign. They aren't traditional horoscopes, but are written with extra light and all three eyes open. I've been told they're exactly what people need to hear. ♥

Aries: This month you will be fighting. Fighting yourself, fighting the world around you. Make sure you know what you’re fighting for - the warrior who knows her enemy is effective, swift and proud. Whatever you fight, know that the powers around you are giving you their strength. Know that the battle falls in your favour. Know that the experience and strength gained from these battles will be so, so worth it. Know that you are not fighting by yourself, and know that you are not fighting for nothing. You are very powerful, and you will win.

Taurus: There is little you aren’t feeling this month. Feelings seem to be hurtling towards you in all directions, left right, up down, in and out. You might feel like hiding, or running away - stand your ground. Take the feelings and embrace them. Study them. Get to know them all and chat with them. Pour them some tea and have them stay for a while. You may ask some to leave, but you may want to keep some of them too - you will learn things from all of them. If you do not want some of them (which you won’t) politely ask them to leave. You will not be alone.

Gemini: You will find yourself stretching this month. Stretching upwards, outwards, towards all the things you wish for, like a plant towards sunlight. Sometimes you may feel like you’re stretched too thin - stretching can hurt sometimes. Know that the pain is simply a growing pain. Know that with enough stretching, you will be able to reach these things you are after with ease. Know that even the tallest of trees grew from a simple stalk stretching towards the light. The greatest of dancers came from a simple, well-intentioned stretch. You will dance in the sunlight you stretch for.

Cancer: Notice the things around you this month. Notice the smallest of details and the tiniest of things. When you think you see things as small and insignificant as they are, look deeper, and you will find that even the tiniest of details is a part of a much larger and complex and beautiful system. You will need to focus on these things, for you may feel insignificant this month. Know that you, too, are a part of a much bigger, more beautiful thing. Take power from it; for you are more beautiful and powerful than you know.

Leo: You might feel a bit careful this month. Too cautious and protective and strangely unmovable this month. Do not worry - you are hardening for a reason. Know that you are drifting in to a stage of protection and peace. Know that you are building yourself in to a great mountain. Know that you are preparing for a great adventure. Know that with stillness and caution come great knowledge and experience. Enjoy the peace. Enjoy the comfort. Enjoy every moment that this stillness brings to you. You will grow stronger.

Virgo: Now is the time to sing. Now is the time to screech and whoop and yell and holler. Now is the time to be as wild and as wonderful as you know you can. Now is the time to let go and dance, now is the time to be loud and let the world hear what you’ve had on your chest for as long as you can remember. Now is the time to say what you need to say. Get the things that have been crushing you out of you, off your back and off your chest. Let them out in to the world and you can crack very mountains to rubble.

Libra: There are so many things that seem to be leaping in to your hands as if by magic right now. Be careful not to throw the great things away. But what are the great things? What are the awful things? You are the only one who can look deep in to all the things life puts in your hands and decide whether they are good or bad. You might find yourself picking up old things again for the first time in a long time. You will build a castle out of the things you choose to keep - and they will raise you to better and brighter heights. You will be more than you ever have been.

Scorpio: As the days grow darker, you will grow lighter. Focus yourself on this lightness, this joy. You may be waiting for it to go away, but try as hard as you might, the light will not go out. Do not try to snuff it out. Live in that joy, bathe in it, and use it. Spread your joy to as many people as you can. Like a match, it will light others up inside as you share it - it will not go out. You are on fire in the most wonderful and beautiful way - do your part to spread it as far and wide as you can. It will only make your light brighter.

Sagittarius: You might feel a little empty this month. You might feel a little smaller this month. You might be sad because of it - but the blank canvas does not weep for what it could be, it becomes something new, something more, something beautiful. Do not allow yourself to be defensive or hostile - allow the world around you - it’s wonders and secrets and beautiful, beautiful things to gently flow in to you. To colour you as you see fit. Allow yourself to be painted, to become a masterpiece, to become more, again. You are ready.

Capricorn: This month will blaze by you - simply let it rush over you like a waterfall. Close your eyes and breathe in a moments peace amidst the hectic world around you. You may feel like you do not have enough time, or that you cannot do what needs to be done. You may feel like you will be swept away by the rushing current that this month brings with it. Do not let yourself get swept away. Quiet your mind, close your eyes and breathe in the cool air and the rain and the cloudy days. Let the chaos around you draw you in to a deeper peace. It will be a good month.

Aquarius: You are going to find yourself running, this month. Running away or running to, or perhaps a little of both. Remember that your fears cannot hold you, no matter what forces outside and inside of you say otherwise. Think of your month as a story, take heed from great heroes of old and maybe, just maybe, you can gain a bit of insight in to things. You are most definitely going somewhere - it’s just a matter of where. No matter where ‘where’ is, it will definitely be somewhere better than before. Know that, as you run.

Pisces: Sometimes comfort is like a warm blanket wrapped tightly around you. Or perhaps it’s a cocoon. You will feel incredibly warmed this month, even as the season grows colder. Focus on family, on friends, on the home. Focus yourself and your energy inward, not outward. You will begin to see yourself and the world around you change to fit you more. You will be happy this month. Treasure the joy and the comfort, it is a rare gift of winter and seasons that has been brought your way.

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