Saturday, February 1, 2014


Hello February. I'm sure it's going to be great this year.

Hopefully you'll help me to finish writing a book. Or at least show up to the page every day.
You'll see me writing blog posts regularly. Getting in to the habit - the pressure's on, now that we've picked a date to move.
We'll spend a lot of time imagining spring in rosepetals and pinks and carnations and chocolates and warm body heat and joy and laughter.
We'll go on a trip together - somewhere, anywhere.
You'll see me create art - something I struggled with over January. Please, help me to just create - something, anything, everything.
You'll see me express more gratitude - smile more and laugh more.
We'll work out together. Please - pretty please, let's go for some runs together. Let's do some dancing together. Let's drink some protein together.
You'll hear me speak more french. Lots more. I'm almost halfway to fluency. There's no reson not to, non?

Let's dance, February. This is the only chance we get this year - let's make magic together!

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