Friday, January 31, 2014


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Goodbye January. You did a lot for me this year.

You've taught me that if and when the internet goes down, I need to be ready to keep on working (which was pathetically hard, when it did go down).
You taught me to see beauty in cold, and also the beauty of staying inside when it's too cold.
You taught me how to brave snow fearlessly in my vehicle like a freakin' warrior.
You taught me the magic of moonlit nights and stars outside my windows.
You showed me that setting intention, when force is truly behind it, can be terrifyingly powerful.
 You helped me to see my resistance for what it truly was : resistance.
 You confirmed (again) my belief that if it isn't for the last minute, nothing would get done.
 But you also showed me that I am more capable than I think I am. And also that it's okay to not do as much as I had originally intended to (again).
 You reminded me how much fun taking photographs was.
 You helped me to establish more healthy habits that will serve me in the future.
 And most importantly, you hearalded a really beautiful beginning to a new year.

Thank you so much, January. I'll see you again in a year. 

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