Wednesday, October 7, 2015


This past month, I decided to start trying my hand at keeping a bullet journal. What is a bullet journal? There's a lot of talk of what exactly a bullet journal is. For most, it's simply a system for organizing thoughts and recording their days. More information from the original creator can be found here, too!

For me, I've decided to use mine as not only a planner, but a journal and place to put my collages as well. I'm going to list goals, thoughts, ideas, drawings, text and quotes, and any other little list I can think of. I'm SUPER excited, and my first week of using it has been SUPER satisfying so far.

 This is the modified key that I'm using. I ended up switching the ○ symbol with the ■ symbol, simply because I mostly use my journal for tasks, and my circles look nicer than my squares. The other page is blank so far, I'm hoping to make a little dedication. I'll share once it's done.

 This is my overview page for October. I haven't been using the calendar for much yet, other than marking my paydays, and any big events that have happened. I'm also keeping track of the goals I've set for the month, which I took from my quarterly goals post. Hopefully I can do them all!

 Here is my blogging schedule for October, which is already a mess (of course). I'm keeping track of the posts I've written, and then consquently posted with different colours. I've also put some blogging goals to try and meet - celebrating the little victories will make this even more fun.

 This is how I've formatted my weekly pages so far - I'm excited to see how they change through the months. So far I'm keeping track of my hours worked, the weather and temperature, any goals/events, and then a small journalling space at the end of each day. It's been a great way to see how much I've done in a week - especially helpful if the days feel like they've been flying by!

 I'm not sure what this page is going to be, yet. But I'm really liking the colours on it so far - a little snippet from an activity in the watercolour class I'm taking on Skillshare.

 Here are two little useful details I added - the results of a character strength test, as well as a diagram of the creative process - something I tuck in to every sketchbook I keep. They're handy to always remember, for me, and are the basis of almost everything I do. Little reminders are the best.

I've been following a lot of planner-focused instagrammers, and a few journalling tumblrs for inspiration, but I'd love to find more. Does anyone know any good places for journalling inspiration? Do any of you keep a planner/journal/sketchbook? Please share! I'd love to be friends!

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