Thursday, October 1, 2015

Hello October...

 Why Hello again, October...

Hello longer nights and full moons. Hello shooting stars and constellations, warm blankets in open fields. Hello cozying up under scratchy wool and hearts getting quick at spooky things. Hello to the ancient art of telling stories and coming together. Hello cooking at home - roasted vegetables steaming and crisp apple skins cracking. Hello to experiencing a city that loves fall. Hello new discoveries and new places. Hello to lacing up my boots and going on adventures. Hello to finally doing the things on my to-do list. Hello to taking care of myself and working hard, and taking more time to breathe and connect. Hello to more of what I want to do, and less of what isn’t. Hello to bringing close the family and friends I love. Hello big bowls of warm soup. Hello hot tea and apples. Hello to late-night movies and cool open windows. Hello to magic and autumn and gold. Hello to brilliant colours and wind’s breathy sighs. Hello to spirits waking up and looking inside oneself. Hello to big, fat fruits and bundles of wheat. Hello to smoke in the air and letting down your hair. Hello to memories, new and old. 

Hello again, October, 
It's gonna be fun.

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