Saturday, October 17, 2015


Feeling bad about yourself? Here are over 100 ways to get out of that funk and start practicing some self-love. Take a deep breath and try any or all of these!


Drink a glass of water ♥ Breathe in and out slowly, ten times ♥ Break in to some Warrior poses ♥ Do a little bit of ballet warm-ups ♥ Let out a big, walloping laugh ♥ Watch a TED talk ♥ Write out 10 things you would like to learn ♥ Think about one of the things you want to learn ♥ Read a book ♥ Call a good friend ♥ Call your mom ♥ Write a note to a stranger ♥ Look at the sky ♥ Go for a walkLook for hidden treasure on your walk ♥ Learn some mudras and do them ♥ Listen to some upbeat music ♥ Write a positive comment on someone’s blog or social media ♥ Braid your hair ♥ Curl up in a blanket and relax ♥ Say an affirmation or two ♥ Collect some positive quotes ♥ And read them whenever you need a boost ♥ Read a random wikipedia article ♥ Write 100 words stream-of-conciousnes ♥ Learn to lucid dream ♥ Take a picture of something that makes you happy ♥ Doodle on something ♥ Pull 5 of the most strange faces you can ♥ Paint your toenails ♥ Read some manga ♥ Shake your booty ♥ Write out 25 things you’re grateful for ♥ Sing something ♥ Take note of your surroundings. Try to be completely present in the moment Brew a cup of tea or coffee ♥ Nibble on something ♥ Learn what you’re life’s purpose is ♥ Play a fun game ♥ Have your fortune toldHelp make someone’s dream come trueGive people in need riceStretch it out ♥ Make something beautiful ♥ Take a long bath ♥ Bake a cake ♥ Eat a cakeTurn off the TV ♥ Snuggle in to your favourite outfit ♥  Light a candleWash your faceLearn 10 words in a new language ♥ Make a collage ♥ Take some pictures ♥ Go to a store and pick out paint chips Make some paper stars ♥ Soak up some sunlight ♥ Pick some flowersSay 3 nice things about yourself ♥ Take a nap ♥ Write down ten bad thoughts, then destroy the paper ♥ Smudge ♥ Journal Tell someone else they're beautiful ♥ Write a letter ♥ Learn to do a cartwheelLearn to knit or crochet ♥ Make some button flowers ♥ Write down 10 things you're thankful for Write a letter to your body ♥ Draw a self-portraitUnplug ♥ Paint your toe nails ♥ Wear your favourite undiesWatch the starsSee the sun set or riseCatch raindrops or snowflakes on your tonguePlay in leavesBuild a blanket fortRead SARKMake some guerilla art ♥ Decorate your shoes Write a poem Make a funky t-shirt Look at your fingerprints (so cool) ♥ Try henna-ing your hair Read a kid's book ♥ Visit someone ♥ Rearrange your clothesListen to some classical music Watch some people ♥ Read some body positive blogs ♥ Write out your feelingsTry this yoga move ♥ 

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