Sunday, October 4, 2015


(Am I the only one who thinks these doors look like the entrance to a Dwemmer ruin?)

Every few months, I make a list of various goals and things that I want to get done. It keeps me on track, and as a self-professed list-junkie, there is no better feeling than checking the things I've done off. For fall this year, I have a LOT of goals - so I've broken them down in to a few different categories. Hopefully by the time the year is up, I'll be able to look back and feel like I've had one hell of a fall!


♥ Make homemade Eggs Benne ♥ Make cheese ♥ Buy a himilayan salt lamp ♥ Get blankets & Art supplies from home ♥ Send a package to Mom ♥ Make soup and/or chili ♥ Buy frames for all our art ♥ Make an altar for Guides & Goddesses ♥ Use the Crock Pot x5 ♥ Get a haircut ♥ Collect and Display all my books ♥ Make a care package for Bamma ♥


 See Kate Beaton ♥ Build a blanket fort ♥ Go to a cat cafe ♥ Launch my Blog ♥ Get my tattoo ♥ Collect 13 leaves ♥ Celebrate Hallowe’en ♥ Go to Marche aux Puces ♥ Climb the mountain and see the leaves ♥ Photograph 100 Happy Things ♥ 


♥ Make a new art idea list ♥ Photograph your day ♥ photograph your week ♥ Record a podcast / letsplay ♥ Finish cross stitch ♥ Make three to-colour drawings ♥ Make a cozy blanket ♥ Make 6 pieces of mail art ♥ Make an art journal ♥ Make a class ♥ Design a pattern ♥ Make pixel witch ♥ Make the witchy art journal ♥


Log off of facebook ♥ Read a classic ♥ Read an H.P. Lovecraft novel ♥ Have a lucid dream ♥ Read 7 books ♥ Play an analogue game x3 ♥ Complete meditation appPlay 3 Dungeons and Dragons campaigns (one with friends) ♥ Finish reading Stardust ♥ Memorize a monologue ♥


♥ Take a skillshare class (and share your projects) ♥ Listen to 5 podcasts ♥ Win Nanowrimo ♥ Watch 5 TED talks ♥ Apply to the YMCA ♥ Make yoga a regular practice ♥ Plan for Nanowrimo ♥ Take another skillshare class (and share project) ♥ Review Dumplin’ ♥ Try a new creative thing ♥ Do 3 projects from the art idea list ♥ Work on audition piece ♥

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