Wednesday, November 18, 2015


I'm obsessed with books. I am never without a book on hand, and everyone always laughs that they never see me with the same book twice. I read a lot. Some of the books are really good, and some of them are really bad. Despite the fact that I tend to read mostly fantasy and historical fiction, I'm trying to read some other genres and expand what I'm reading. I post more detailled reviews on my Goodreads account. Here's what I've been reading this month:


by Naomi Novik
This was by and large my favourite book of the month - I can’t properly describe how awesome this book is. I love me my fantasy, even though it can often be the same story over and over again. This book has one of the most terrifying enemies ever, along with grouchy wizards and magical forests. And a kickass female character, to-boot. And a glowing review on the cover from my favourite author was enough to persuade me to pick this book up. I was AMAZED by how unique the book was, while sticking true to pretty much all of the things I love about fantasy - dark mystery, badass girls, magic, legends, tradition - it had everything I wanted and MORE. Definitely my favourite read of the month - and I would highly suggest you guys all give it a read, too.

Kitchen Creamery 
by Louella Hill

I don’t usually read non-fiction books, but when I do, it’s for a good reason. Part how-to, part cookbook, part encyclopedia, every time I picked up Kitchen Creamery, I marveled (aloud) at how freakin’ COOL making yogurt, cheese and butter is. The author makes a very complex process easy, informative and completely do-able for even the most unscientific of us. C’mon, guys, you can learn how to make cheese. From mozzarella to goat cheese to freakin’ blue cheese, to all sorts of yogurts and creams and butters - it’s pretty much the coolest little book I’ve read. And it’s gorgeously designed, to boot!

A is for Arsenic 
by Kathryn Harkup

So, I have to admit, I honestly have never read an Agatha Christie book. But I was drawn to the really sharp design of this book’s cover, and when I learned that it focused on poisons used in Agatha Christie’s novels, I was sold. The author goes through a number of poisons used to kill victims in her novel, looking at how Christie herself learned about them (She was a fascinating woman!!) and also how they’re made, what they do, and every other strange but wonderful tidbit you could ever want to learn about poison. A great, fascinating, fact-filled read. 
The Glass sentence 
by S.E. Grove

Another great book I read this month - I’d been glancing at this book for ages before I finally picked up a copy, and loved it! Another really great fantasy novel - aimed at a younger audience, but still so good! It has a very ‘Golden Compass’ feel to it - time was broken apart in the early 1800s, and now all different areas of the earth are different times in history. Fascinating and really fun, also had a really, really compelling antagonist. If you prefer pirates and steampunk to castles and damsels, I would highly recommend (and I would also recommend even if you like castles and damsels - it’s that good!)

The Incarnations
 by Susan Barker

 So, I did not finish this book - simply because it just got too damn depressing for me. I caught on to the climax of the book the moment I picked it up, and although I found the book chilling, creepy and really interesting (Chinese history! Mysteries! Mythology and legends!) the main character just didn’t catch my attention; I wound up hating him after the first page. And once I learned where the book was going, I really wasn’t interested in finishing it. But! If you like mysteries and creepy, ancient legends, or Chinese history in any way, give the book a try - let me know what you think!

by Julie Murphy

A cute book that I picked up to read when the reblog book club started reading it. I posted a full-length review of it on my tumblr (or at least some thoughts on it, and my feelings). While I wasn’t super impressed with the ending, Dumplin’ is a sweet, heartwarming book with a really great, fun, human protagonist (who also happens to be a happily fat teenage girl). Dumplin’ deals with a lot of issues, while smothering them in a really lovable southern charm. Definitely give the book a read - I’m loving all the hype it’s getting! Hooray for unapologetic fat girls as main characters! 

by Noelle Stevenson, Grace Ellis, Shannon Watters, Faith Erin Hicks

Oh, my love for this comic series is never ending. I picked up the first collection of the first-four comics the other day at my bookstore, and now I can’t stop reading it. It’s like if moonrise kingdom met gravity falls, for all you nerds out there. Basically it has everything - awesome girls kicking butt, magical creepy mysteries, and a hilarious girl-scout type camp. It’s funny, heartwarming, and entertaining in every way. If you haven’t started reading these comics - please, do yourself a favour and GET THEM RIGHT NOW.

A Darker Shade of Magic 
by V.E. Schwab

The third and final favourite book of the month, this book absolutely took my breath away (plus, look at that gorgeous cover). A story of parallel, magical Londons, organized by colour. A magical boy who can jump between them. A girl thief who somehow finds herself wrapped up in this. It’s got crazy magic-hungry villains, awesome fight scenes, a really heartwarming plot, and just…a great fantasy. I would highly recommend this book, but be warned, it’s the type of book that makes you want to stay in that world forever (and so far, there is no sequel or anything. So…be prepared!) 


What have you been reading this month? Anything you think I should pick up? I'd love to hear any suggestions or thoughts on the books I read this month!

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