Friday, November 20, 2015


How was your week, everyone? Mine was good - a busy one, full of writing, writing, writing. Honestly I know that doesn't sound thrilling in any way, but it's been such a great feeling for me that sitting down each night to write has been the highlight of my week. That, and Dragon Age: Inquisition (I'm late to the boat, yes, but I also got the game for 20 bucks. So...40 bucks richer?)

Anyway, on with the links!!


This is a really great piece on rape culture, putting in to words things I've struggled to.

As someone who hates winter, and lived her childhood smack-dab in midwestern Canada, I can agree with everything Sarah says. And I must put them all in to practice ASAP.

This post made me cry. Here's to all the single moms out there.

Morticia Addams in the bomb. Here's a great post about her.

A really fun read : inside the leagues of lady wrestlers.

The women of WWII were stone-cold badasses. Lest we forget.

Oh, be still my heart. This is a dream of a store.

What's that? You want more funny art history? Here, some sick German horses.

Stop comparing websites and start creating shit.

Small acts of kindness = wonderful things.

Oh, I love this article. Cheers to ladies reinventing themselves.

The tender art of 'midwestern nice'. Something that extends up in to Canada too.

A great article on the importance of Serena Williams.

Whoo, an interview that flips the script: 15 famous men asked if they're 'feminists'.

On portraying blackness in video games, and why we STILL need diversity in games.  

Money's been tight on my end of the world, so I needed to read this. Especially this time of year.

Well that's it for links this week! What have you been reading on the internet this week? Anything to share, please do!

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