Saturday, February 6, 2016


Welcome to block-busters, a series where I share a bunch (a whole month's worth) of prompts to get your creativity flowing. Use these prompts to draw, to write, to create whatever on earth you feel inspired to create! And please, let me know what you make with them - I love to see!! Feel free to email, comment, or tag the posts #tmtumakes to share! 


Describe yourself in three words or less
The wind and it’s ways
“She never told him she would stay…”
Frosted windows
Letting chocolate melt inside your mouth
A love spell
“I never thought I’d see you again”
Decribe as many kinds of snow as you can
A drop of water clung to his lips as he drank
Her eyes held his for just a second more than was comfortable
There was something strange about her
The softest of blankets
Golden tattoos
The feeling of your fingers thawing
You found a wallet. What’s inside of it?
Describe the best and worst friends you’ve ever had
What’s been lost to the past
An ancient love story
He ran his hands over the initials carved there years ago…
A bouquet of flowers
An apology
The first feeling of spring
Describe 10 different memories of water
6 sunsets
The best dessert you’ve ever eaten.
“He wasn’t what I expected him to be.”
A broken machine
Every kind of weather seemed to be happening all at once
She yawned, her head slumped against her hand.
Imaginary constellations
A list of plants I’ve killed.

I hope you enjoyed this month's posts. Happy creating, and don't forget to share/tag your work - I can't wait to see what you make!

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