Tuesday, February 9, 2016


Oh Valentines day, single or taken, you’re upon us once again.

Despite citing my love of the days before and after Valentines more (Galentines day, and discount chocolate day, respectively) I’ve always had a thing for Valentines - not the actual holiday, but the little paper things handed out on Valentines day. I always loved spending my days after school carefully ripping apart sheets of disney characters and cartoon heroes, dilligently writing all my classmates names on the paper, and then tucking them in to each paper ‘mailbox’ every year.

I loved opening my box, dumping all the cards out, and reading through them, even though most of them just said to: Melissa, from: Lauren. The candy didn’t hurt, either.

But as we get older, most of us don’t have long class lists to send valentines to. Or we just don’t want to send our friends frozen-themed valentines for the third year in a row. So, this year, I’ve made my own Valentines. Angry, feminist, art-history valentines (the best kind). Feel free to print off your own and share them with your friends. I’m quite proud of them, and I hope they give you and your friends as much of a laugh as they did me and mine!

You can nab the other two printable images below (just click to get the full-size images)!

Happy sharing!

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